sew fun!

I have to admit that I have become a craft blog junkie. While I would never make most of the things I see at U Create (and all of the blogs that I see linked there and in many other places) because I am pretty anti-clutter these days, it's still fun to look at what other people make and collect some inspiration for my own projects. Most of my current to-do's involve the sewing machine and the piles of fabric on my sewing table.

I really enjoyed reading all the crafty Celebrate the Boy! posts at Made and Made by Rae during the month of February. If you missed it, it was a whole month of daily posts by both these talented ladies and tons of guest bloggers, and was about crafting or sewing for boys. Since the current Frugalbaby is male, I loved some of the ideas I saw.

But now that Boy month is over, we're on to other projects. I have decided that it is high time that I make myself some more cute stuff, especially because since losing 30 pounds last years, a lot of my wardrobe is falling off my hips. I've been doing lots of reading over the last several months about altering patterns, and I am feeling much more confident with my abilities to custom fit my clothing to my own measurements. So I am officially committing myself to Spring Top Week at Made by Rae. I have some awesome fabric and patterns that have been sitting in my stash since sometime last year and by golly, this year it will happen!