celebrating the small stuff

I am choosing to focus on life's small victories. It makes for a happier mom.

So, instead of focusing on the fact that the pump on the washing machine died, I am happy that I can replace it myself for the cost of the part. And that I get three days off from doing any laundry. And that it waited until my last load yesterday to die.

I go through each day with this focus in mind, thinking, "What is the victory here?"

It's a victory when I go to bed with a clean kitchen (yesterday I cleaned off the corner of the counter that has been cluttered all summer long--why did I keep those broken things anyway?).

I am trying to restore some sanity back into our lives. Since July 2007 I've been in survival mode, between the addition/remodel, a broken ankle, a pregnancy, then a newborn. Throw in cattle and chicken and foxes and gardening and canning and and and and......

We're taking the house back one day at a time and I am beginning to feel a sense of order once again.

(picture from my recent bathroom closet organization--you can't imagine the relief I feel when I open it now)
bottom of the closet