2009/04/09 Roast Chicken

Roast chicken, broccoli, stuffing, and strawberries. I picked up the chicken for .79/lb and the broccoli and strawberries are in season so they were inexpensive as well. Stove-top stuffing was a dollar a box. I figure we fed our family for less than $8 and I have enough chicken left over for a meal of chicken curry.

I have been noticing lately that magazine articles and grocery store emails and such are breaking down recipes into cost-per-serving to be "budget-conscious" and they have meals that cost three to five dollars per person in a meal. That is not my idea of a cost-cutting meal. Our meal tonight had ingredients that were splurges. My family can eat over a pound of strawberries in one sitting. I paid 1.50/lb for the ones we ate tonight. Broccoli is in season, but it's still more expensive (1.18/lb) than our home-canned green beans (free, or maybe 20 cents for the lid and the electricity to can them) or sauteed cabbage (lately .38/lb). We spent 1.33 per person for our dinner including the milk we drank and I feel like it was a really nice meal. We had a lean protein, a starch, a fruit, and a veggie, and drank milk.